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Do you know that game ?

CaldweenCaldween Member Posts: 4

It's just like Sim City (if you remember :) )


Just click there


Everybody can play :)



  • Tabula+RasaTabula+Rasa Member Posts: 19



  • hotpiehotpie Member Posts: 191


  • RenithRenith Member Posts: 145

    omfg boring

  • DenearionDenearion Member Posts: 48

    clicked... after 30 sec while which seemed to be heart attack of my pc game eventually started, i spotted french language and quickly turned it off. :/

    Everybody can play :)
    Just ppl who speak french and do not detest it meanwhile (i do)
  • sweetannasweetanna Member Posts: 5


  • MolockMolock Member Posts: 4

    I have a few friends that play it... I personally found it boring.

  • cosmo3366cosmo3366 Member Posts: 6

    Games likes SIM are eventally repeditive which reaches the point of boring.

    althought is free. people dont normaly work hard to create a game thats great for free me and two friends here like to call them wang faces , but there are those selected few that will do that.

    the problem is finding them.



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