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Does anyone play this?

AkaJetsonAkaJetson Member Posts: 1,167

Just wondering if anyone plays this...?



  • ViolertViolert Member Posts: 33

    It looks very cute, and probabally REALLY nice to play on a PHONE!


    Most people who can afford phones won't play something like this.


    And no, I don't play it.

    I don't even have a phone.


    But I'm an idiot, so you've been warned <3

  • LydonLydon Member UncommonPosts: 2,921

    Roflmao, I used to...I have to admit. Don't get me wrong, if there was a  PC available I wouldn't give Tibia ME a second thought, but when I was out I used to play it. The problem is that there's no point to it xD The quests are confusing and there's like 3 of them and you don't use spells etc, it's all automatic roflmao. I haven't played it in ages.

  • XygerXyger Member Posts: 14

    Yeah they probly made it with a penny >.> Does look cute but it kinda sucks.

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  • ThagathiThagathi Member UncommonPosts: 7

    I've been playing this game since Dec 05 . Its mainly played by Russians , Bruneins and Indonesians .

    I dont play as much as I used to as I'm strapped for Time .... but still log on a every now and again.


  • LunethLuneth Member Posts: 63

    I'm playing sometimes, but it cost some money to use the online feature on the mobile.

    But it is a good game, it's just annoying to speak to ncp's. BTW it takes ages to move.


  • AkaJetsonAkaJetson Member Posts: 1,167

     Wow I forgot I made this over a year ago..thanks for the replies everyone 


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