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question about adware

SinzOfManSinzOfMan Member UncommonPosts: 224

I recently downloaded 9 dragons but before installing it, their license agreement sounded a little iffy to me.

Just seeing things like we will store cookies on your pc, and collect the following information.  Also certain things about ingame advertising sounded horrible like temporarily uploading advertising to my pc.  I don't really understand what all this is and maybe it's all harmless but it sounds a little fishy to me.

anyways is this just a normal part of free games?  can someone tell me if there pc has slowed down or somethin crazy like that after installing this game?  I'd like to try this game out but not with risk.  what kinda risks am I opening myself up to installing this game?

thx for any info.


  • IsshouIsshou Member Posts: 3

    It's pretty standard EULA now-a-days. Cookies can be pretty much anything... last login time, it stores session information to keep you logged in the next time you visit a site (like MMORPG.com!)


    Ingame advertisements are done completely inside the game code, Last time I played, it was done when you moved between maps as part of the loading and a small window after you loaded. I'm sure they've gotten other advertisers, but they advertised their own products (Aklaim).

  • MyskMysk Member Posts: 982

    Like Isshou said, this isn't like your typical adware. Nothing other than the game is installed onto your computer so there's nothing to slow down your PC.

    The ads appear in the mini-map while your character is meditating (healing), full screen when the game is loading between maps, and are displayed in a small area when you move between named locations on a map.

    I've never seen them advertise products other than their own stuff, but I haven't logged in for some time.

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