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What killed it?



  • KeoghKeogh Member Posts: 1,099

    Originally posted by Kenze

    AA felt more like an arcade game to me. I totally agree with the previous poster and the controls and fell of movement.

    I tried it during its retail launch. It played like just like a 1980's arcade game, not an MMO.

    It obviously was a bad idea, because its dead.


    "Don't corpse-camp that idea. Its never gonna rez"
    Bladezz (The Guild)

  • SnipehunterSnipehunter Member UncommonPosts: 29

    Originally posted by Keogh

    It obviously was a bad idea, because its dead. 
    I just had to quote that, because honestly... that's the most amusing thing I've seen all day... and I spent a few hours on youtube waiting for coworkers, today.  I like assumptions; they teach you things about the people making them. 

    MUD1 must have seriously sucked.  I mean, it's not around any more in any way that matters.  Does that mean that the idea of virtual worlds where you can play together with people across the world is a bad one?  Of course not, so how does it follow that just because AA was sorta crappy means that the idea of a car-combat MMO was horrible?

    A good idea can die just as quickly as a bad one, if its improperly executed.  That's the lesson folks should take away from AA:  Don't release if you haven't built the game right.  Either call it quits or keep working on it until it is right.






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