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Account support??????

drDamagedrDamage Member Posts: 60

I downloaded the demo and have installed, patched, created an account with UBISOFT, added my demo subscription key and can successfully log into the account on the website but when I try to launch the game it says "INVALID USERNAME OR PASSWORD" this is the same username and password  as I log in to the ubisoft website with and as I remember the only one I ever used with anything to do with this game..

If I look under subscriptions on the UBISOFT site it says the shadowbane one is active.....

Now I really have looked almost everywhere for some tech support links which I have found but the all appear to be some useless circular link to some "buy some games" link not 1 scrap of even e-mail tech support @ nowhere.

I am getting a little frustrated so..... Could someone please let me know where I may be able to get some official help on this???


  • SramotaSramota Member Posts: 756

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