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General: MMOWTF: Console MMO Apocalypse



  • CasperlordCasperlord Member Posts: 21

    This is my take on it:

    i own a PS3 and unless i wanna drop almost 400 dollars for a new graphics card, my PS3 has better graphics

     and i only use a flat screen not Hi Def TV

    The PS3 has the power to use a keyboard and mouse so if you get a wireless one its not really a problem

    You guys keep saying PS3 fans are just casual gamers, i dont believe thats true. There forced to be casual gamers because a PSx, PS2, or PS3 game can only be beaten. Theres no end game. Once you beat it you beat it. Plus its always much more fun to play with other people. So i believe there are alot of hardcore gamers that play on consoles. I personally prefer a console to a computer. Much less cramped.

    As long as devs cross them over with mature thinking it honestly shouldnt be that much of a problem

    *I might be an idiot for saying this but isnt PS3's online free? I havent used it in a while and i know when i first got it it was free. So whoever said something about paying twice that would only be a problem with X-BOX360's*

  • ScorpiusScorpius Member Posts: 15


    Originally posted by Casperlord

    *I might be an idiot for saying this but isnt PS3's online free? I havent used it in a while and i know when i first got it it was free. So whoever said something about paying twice that would only be a problem with X-BOX360's*



    No, you're correct, the PS3 network is free.


    I see consoles wanting to do PC games like this (YAY! A car analogy!).  PC's (gaming PC's anyway) are like V8 muscle cars and consoles are like those compact jap cars that teens do up.  Sure, a Subaru can be tricked out with a turbo and stuff, and it'll keep up, or maybe even beat,  a standard V8 down a 1/4 mile, but it's still a Subaru...

    Consoles are great for casual gaming.  PC's are more for "enthusiasts".  "Enthusiasts" are more willing to pay for stuff than a "casual" (otherwise the "casual" would be an "enthusiast" and looking to get more out of his/her system).  Stuff like ongoing MMO costs. 

    I think this is where the flaw is for MMO console games.  Most people get a console cause they can't/don't/won't pay the money for a PC, so why will they "nickel and dime" themselves with so many ongoing costs (Monthly MMO fee+XBL for a 360 owner) and not be able to afford the latest, greatest release?  Hell, theres still plenty of PC owners that won't play/pay for MMOG's, and PC's owners are generally more accepting of forking out cash.


    Then again, maybe I underestimate the PC envy of most console owners, especially the ones that forked out a lot more than the cost of a PC to get a nice HD TV for their system...

  • CyberWizCyberWiz Member UncommonPosts: 950

    Well I do not agree that the "BIG" money is purely on the console gaming.
    I also do not agree that console gaming "dwarfs" the PC market.

    Just look at all the Asian countries, look at lineage, look at WoW.

    I do not believe that such successes can be easely done on consoles.

    Check out this link :


    and you will see that the console market does not dwarf the pc market.

    Pokemon is the biggest seller all time ( 20 million ), but that is on portable device ( gameboy ).
    1st regular console game is Super Mario Bros. 3 (NES - 18 million), next is GTA Vice City (PS2 - 13 million), Xbox doesnt have any games in the top 20, but 1st for xbox is Halo2 with 8 million.
    For PC this is The Sims (16 million) and Starcraft (9.5 million).
    So the console market is potentionally bigger, but looking at the current next gen consoles : xbox360, ps3 and Wii, then the PC market is still bigger, plus it is easier to get into, less licenses to pay, etc ( for the developpers )

    All I am saying here, PC will stay the preferred platform for quite some time for MMORPG's and allienating PC gamers by dumbing down the games so they can run well on consoles would be a big mistake.

    What probably will happen is that the Console gamers will be forced the play more complex games if they want a taste of the mmorpg genre, for one, they will need to start using the keyboard ( like XBOX 360 can use keyboards already ).

    Also, another thing to keep in mind is that mmorpg's take more time to play, so people will have to have a seperate TV ( LCD whatever ) to play their games on. Once you look at all the variables, you get closer and closer to PC gaming both in price as in complexity.

    But hey, what do I know :p


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    Favorite MMORPG's : DAoC pre ToA-NF, SWG Pre CU-NGE, EVE Online

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