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Round 2

TNULeaderTNULeader Member Posts: 71

Well I tried EVE the first time months ago and said this game will be something special but couldnt justify the 2nd mmo as i was knee deep in coh/cov. Starting a empire through my created villian group, now that we broke into the top 100 im ready to start my new career in EVE to give me some flavor in my gaming experience's. There is alot to EVE, I find it hard to get a general grasp of whats goin on but I'll manage. In the meantime if anyone knows of any helpfull links to help me grow within the eve universe it would be appreciated also any corp's that are active and willing to help an elite gamer get a handle on this drop a line. I have my own vent server for cox so i would like to hook up with a corp with vent.

 (posted in main before i saw this link and couldnt figure out how to quote to different thread lolz)



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