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You Want A New Blizzard Game

SLizer6893SLizer6893 Member Posts: 194

Hey Guys Big News,


According to my uncle who works in the accounting office in Blizzards developing/advertisment portion of their company, he has had to add over 50 new employees to their payroll, which are all assigned into a specific office, as many know Blizzard workplace is separated in a certain way, lets say floor 2 was Wow GMs/ and developers, and Floor 3, was Battle Net supervisors, they then have around 15 floors of developers, artists and such so on and so on, Currently Wow is working with around 50-100 people just working on BC stuff, If you didn't know Blizzard has almost 100% decided to give up on Pre-BC except for small changes for BE and Dranei, Anyways my uncle told me that these 50 were hired to work on a new project and not the Starcraft Project, that apparently should be in a beta before release, and apparently its basically done but they do that fun part where they make us wait make a arrival date then add a year. But anyway this whole scoop s that Blizzard has a game unrevealed that is to be an open MMO, which means a 3D or 2D with many players on one server at a time, that means it could be anywhere from Diablo 3, to a brand new title who knows, But as we all know starcraft had its new game before Diablo, and Blizzard follows games decently in order, giving each game updates in order, oldest to newest. So my prediction with over 25 of those hired being game designers who basically create a whole layout for a game will be supplying us with Diablo 3. Remember this information is about 6 months old according to my uncle, but apparently since BC was installed into the Blizzard gamebase more than 75 people have been hired unknown reasons. Blizzard is shut tight but we will break them. Enjoy with what I have given you I will try and link an interview my uncle has of one of the CEO's.



  • MacroPlanetMacroPlanet Member UncommonPosts: 1,089

    my guess was that they were upgrading the graphics in WoW (not mandatory) so they could compete with other next gen games.  But a new game would also be welcoming.  Keep us posted.

  • GeneralCrazyGeneralCrazy Member Posts: 64

    There was talk last year of 50 million going in to a new MMO and they where hinting that it will probably not be based on one of their previous intellectual properties.

  • SLizer6893SLizer6893 Member Posts: 194

    All he knows for sure is that the chance of a new game is highly likely to be announced months after SC2 is realeased, the reason Blizzard is probably working hard on a new game that probably was in the works for the past three years since SC2 was for the last 4 basically, they want to beat out what is comming, huge games are going to take over, Warhammer will take some WoW players by storm, same game but more added basically Blizzard will re-take over RTS world with SC2 killing Command and Conquer and their MMO base will die, they will continue to help out WoW as many people who play that game will admit its getting boring, but they still want it all. So I have to think Blizzard would want to save their MMO reach and maybe their FPS game because no offence but Starcraft Ghosts demo all i played was not so good. Enjoy what I give you, updates will be daily to weekly if I find out big or news coverage from California I will tell you.


  • SLizer6893SLizer6893 Member Posts: 194

    Update from blizzard, according to my uncle there is an ongoing debate wheter or not SC2 will bring their next big hit and they will realease a smaller game, such as a console game, and or another shooter similar to ghost the fight for a new MMO will come once new MMOs begin to take ove rsuch as Warhammer and other big games, Everquest also is in this big debate as its player base will be taken away by new big MMO's thats not a fact more of a guess, but He knows that their is talk of a new MMO and  possibly work already done since he only hears the developing team talking, who more or less makes Idea and names and things like that, so right now he is tellingt me that Blizzard is 100% making 2 more games after SC2, to be sure what they are and not to lie to you guys I will say they are not an RTS, and they are not a console game at the moment. But this is what I heard and well enjoy, he said his next update will be in a few weeks since the release of SC2, is trying to come more rapidly.


  • RyainkenRyainken Member Posts: 2

    Thanks for the good info man.  But on a side note...could you put some breaks/ paragraphs in your walls of text. Makes it a bit easier to read for us that have high resolutions, and/or eye issues. ^_^

  • Hoobley_deletedHoobley_deleted Member Posts: 677


    Originally posted by Ryainken

    Thanks for the good info man.  But on a side note...could you put some breaks/ paragraphs in your walls of text. Makes it a bit easier to read for us that have high resolutions, and/or eye issues. ^_^

    ctrl and mouse wheel


    ctrl and +

    This will zoom in and enlarge the text for you, but paragraphs are nice.

  • SLizer6893SLizer6893 Member Posts: 194

        All the information I have provided is easily able to be found if you were to interview a Blizzard employee, I have lots of information I can not release to the public, in which I won't the information I am giving you is hope, you can find out easily how many employees are hired to a certain business since it isn't a private matter, you could not however get those names legally, the only information I have provided is the sense of hope, if you want to schedule a blizzard employee or even the CEO for an interview he would tell you similar things, as I said there is no certainty in my information, the chance that Blizzard will create a new game is without a doubt true, but do remember I have given you only information that is found through a person working as an accountant, he finds out things that are necessarily useful for the public, Blizzard told us about SC2, about 2 years ago if you don't remember, when they released ghost they stated there was another game in progress that followed in the Starcraft line, but no one remembers it because no one reads long long stories. If you can find something illegal in unveiling little to no insider information I will stop it, but otherwise I am telling you as much as I could, I could tell you exactly what SoE is planning to do in about 2 months if I get the job as programmer, but hey I wouldn't. But truthfully if you wish for me to stop I will.  ( IS THAT BETTER?) lol sry


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