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Find your inner Aggressor

DiiccTaterDiiccTater Member Posts: 6

Aggressive Tendencies are looking for new members.

We play for the thrill of PvP and for a good laugh among friends.

We are not connected to any alliance, we don't have many friends and we basically do what we damn please. This basically means every one all over eve is free game.

We are looking for:

* PvP players with the abillity to act grown-up on TS. You don't need to be of any specific age, as character doesn't always come with age.

* Skill Points, we'd prefer to see 10 mil and up(Exceptions Can be made, if you are under 10mil SP and want to try, Go for it).

* Someone who won't go ape over loosing a ship, whiners can't be winners(Except D, He can whine all he wants(And Does)).

* Someone who will say GF in local when you've been well and truely spanked.

* Someone who dont' mind some friendly local smack. (Smack comes in all flavours, friendly and fun is the best)

* Someone with or without ties, we don't really mind as long as the corps enemies are yours too.

* The ability to use TS. This is basically the biggest Requirement as we us it nighly for gangs and chat.

Our Goals:

* We seek to Devlop our PvP Skills as a corp and individuals

* We dont want to be come a Huge teritory domniating corp with masses of infastructure to get bogged down with

* We want to focus on be comming a well respected PvP corp with the respect of both our enemys and friends

* We want to get some one in corp that can take over Kal'Kalghan on our kill boards :S

* We want to blow stuff up because explosions are cool

What can AGGR0 Offer you as a member:

* As an older char we can offer you chalenging out numberd advanced PVP

* As a new char we Can offer you the combined Experience of our corp and the other corps we work very close with

* We offer a VERY cheap BattleCruisers, Crurisers, Frigs, Destroyers Purchase program as we want to see people in the best ships they can fly contributing to there max to the gangs we fight in(this will very soon be expanded to BC/BS Hulls)

* Great people in a mature enviroment

About us:

Aggr0 is a relatively new corp, formed from merging the pvp players of two older corps to simplify working together. Our members live across several timezones although the majority are Euro it's a mix and we love it

Over the past few years most of us have spent a lot of time in alliances and we have no intention of joining another at this time, we've had our share of endless bubble camps and pos spammage. We are currently enjoying our play time hugely and work with a few close friends sticking together often outnumbered, outgunned but always in fun.

Currently we have a small but well versed corp, capable FC's and a decent fleet of our own. We won't be putting up pos, we wont be claiming swathes of territory and we have no plans to either form or join any alliance. We will kill pos from time to time as and when necessary or just for the sheer hell of it. We dont require a burning commitment, if you cant be on every day then dont worry you arent going to be chucked away although of course the more pilots are in the more we can do. We don't mine although you may well find us ratting from time to time

We have a fairly active forum and killboard with all the usual ship fit sections etc to help assuage yr eve-thirst during the working day. Currently we are living in The Forge/Geminate where we run gangs most nights and most sizes depending on who has logged in, bs, bc, recon, capitals, fast roaming; all sorts but you get the picture .

As a Corp we completely understand if you suffer losses in battle you need to make your money back, we dont care if you have to take a week or two out of the action to make it back. We dont want people getting stressed out thinking they need to be on ops or they will be kicked from the corp ECT. This is not us.

If you are interested, Contact

"Mirasta" , "Diicc Tater" , "Daemon Ix" , "Highlander20s"


Any comments on what is missing from this post is also welcome. Feel free to convo me in-game at any time.

Diicc Tater

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