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New player seeking active Corporation

JonnyBigBossJonnyBigBoss Member UncommonPosts: 702

Hey guys, Jonny here. I just started playing 2 days ago and I'm sold. I also played the game for a week back when it first came out but at that time I played FFXI. Anyways, I have lots of MMO experience, ranging from playing WoW at a hardcore level for nearly 2 years to getting 75 in FFXI. I am dedicated to doing my best in EVE. I currently play as a mission runner as well as miner but I plan to give everything a shot and be as versatile as possible.

I am looking for a Corp that uses Ventrilo and is active. I am also hoping that your Corp has some people from USA and besides that, I don't want anything other than a group of people who enjoy the game as well. My ingame name is JonnyWarhawk, see you there.


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