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xpyrofuryxxpyrofuryx Member CommonPosts: 1,587

1.) Gamer Series Rage X-I2XE8825XCM

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6320 @1.86Ghz Socket LGA 775---------------------------$165.50

RAM: 2GB (2x1GB) DDR2 Corsair XMS2 675mhz PC5400 (4-4-4-12)-------------$69.99

Motherboard: XFX Socket LGA 775 nVidia nForce 650i Ultra------------------------$99.99

Graphics Card: EVGA nVidia GeForce 8800GTS 320mb PCI-E---------------------$279.99

Hard Drive 1: 250GB Western Digital Caviar SE SATA 3Gb/s 7.2k rpm------------$64.99

Hard Drive 2: <None>------------------------------------------------------------------------$00.00

PSU: Apevia Iceberg ATX 3-color Red 680watt----------------------------------------$114.99

5.25” Bay 1: Lite-On 52x CD Burner/Reader---------------------------------------------$16.99

5.25” Bay 2: Lite-On 48x/16x CD/DVD Burner/Reader---------------------------------$26.49

5.25” Bay 3: Vantek Vortex 5.25” Hard Drive Cooler w/ crossflow-------------------$21.99

5.25” Bay 4: ThermalTake iBox Storage Container----------------------------------------$6.99

3.5” Bay 1: Samsung 1.44mb Floppy Drive-------------------------------------------------$6.99

3.5” Bay 2: <None>---------------------------------------------------------------------------$00.00

Case: Apevia X-Cruiser Black ATX Mid Tower-----------------------------------------$59.99

Case Cooling: Case fans + 1x MassCool 80mm Case Fan Blue--------------------------$3.99

CPU Cooling: Zalman CNPS7000B-ALCU 92mm CPU Fan---------------------------$29.99

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition SP2--------------$109.99


Cost: $1,078.86

Selling Price: $1,499.99


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