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Click to move or w,s,a,d...

TrunksZTrunksZ Member Posts: 263
well the name of the topic speak by itself...  would be great if someone answer ASAP. ty


  • pirateerpirateer Member UncommonPosts: 219
    It's a clicker. Do not play this game play Pirate King Online it's so much better.
  • lenis6666lenis6666 Member Posts: 5

    ya u nedd just push left mouse button to move u can only write whit w,a,s,d.

  • NoBadNoBad Member Posts: 4

    wtf is the difrence they both look the same?

  • JimyHumuHumuJimyHumuHumu Member UncommonPosts: 251

    Originally posted by pirateer

    It's a clicker. Do not play this game play Pirate King Online it's so much better.


  • Chase850Chase850 Member Posts: 3

    The Truth is.. The only difference is the stage.. Version that PKO is on, and the version that TOP is on... Other then that.. not very much difference. And TOP Is still a great game. So don't flame a game that is the same as another basically -_-


  • lostgirl619lostgirl619 Member Posts: 4

    It's a click game but you can hold down your click to make it turn into a running shoe sign that allows you to keep moving forward without further clicking.


    Side Note to difference between PKO and TOP:

    TOP is the newer official english site hosted by IGG.  PKO is the asian populance server, mostly singapore and malaysian hosted by Sin-gium.  Game created by Moli.

    They are currently the same version 1.33, but PKO sells their boss/godly items in their auction system for real cash.   TOP sells items in their item mall but not the boss items: mostly costume type things to change your look, some gems for upgrades, consumables to double your experience and drop rates, and pet items.   If you have alot of money and want an easy game try PKO, but beware its not as balanced because of the excessive auctions.  While TOP may be harder a bit, at least its not a total spend your cash and be god type of deal. 


    PKO has announced their new version release this month, and TOP is still on hold until further notice.

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