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Morbid Afflection is Recruiting!

dallassalladdallassallad Member Posts: 1

Hello, what i write here will be the information about what the corp does, doesnt not, and will do in the future. And what kind of players we do search after, what player times etc.

Morbid Afflection (MORB) is recruiting as said above, we search both new and older players to join our corp. But then what do we in MORB do? , Well do will do pretty much everything as soon as we got more members at this moment we dont do so big operations because we dont have the members too.


In MORB there are 4 divisions, Pirate/PvP/PvE , for you who do not know eve so well this includes Complex running, mission running. Then we have the Mining/Trading Division, there will be an HIGH security and a LOW security Division within mining which will be our most important one, as you need many minerals in order to succseed as a corporation, you need minerals for POS(Player owned stations), you need minerals to create all items,  and ships. And trading will be done also, both within the corp and just plain trading runs.  And last but not least, the newbie Division which is for characters less than 14 days old. This Division is meant to help newbies of eve with basic set of equipment, frigates and advice to how to conquer the world of eve! (lol)

We do have an ventrilo server, and a forum will be coming up soon,  As said we accept all different player styles, all from Pirates to miners, Americans to Europes, All are welcome to join MORB. Just send me, Duros an eve-mail or convo for further information, i also want to talk to you abit before you get to apply to the corp in order accept your application.

We will also have corporation, lotteries and different kind of Competitions.

See you in eve!  o/

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