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code by email

gman87rogman87ro Member Posts: 2
how long it takes to receive the activation code by email coz its been 12hours.


  • TorschenTorschen Member Posts: 78
    You sure every information was correct? AND your age at least appears to be 18+? (It is certainly not recommended to say your age higher than it actually is, but many do so, for there is an age limit for EU). Could be 15 though, not sure. If everything is in order the confirmation should arrive immediately. If not I suppose it is transferred to some person to check it, anyway then it will take I guess quite long time before you get response.
  • Nytewolf2k7Nytewolf2k7 Member Posts: 181

    The code is usually sent between 24 hours and 2 weeks in Entropia Universe, depending on current holidays in sweden, yo've given them the correct information, and how many applications they're processing.

    I suspect that this china deal will cause the number of applications to sky rocket... Will MindArks servers be able to cope?

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