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I need some advice...

timmy2timmy2 Member Posts: 11
I have recently ordered Throne of Oblivion. Hopefully it includes the first two games. But I need some help with a few things.
1) What server should I play on?
2) What races do you prefer to be better?
3) What classes are fun and good for me to try?
Thanks alot!


  • timmy2timmy2 Member Posts: 11
    Also... If anyone has a guild I can join, that would be great. It would also be good to tell me what class/disipline I should be. For example... if your guild is short of priests tell me... and i will be a priest.
  • timmy2timmy2 Member Posts: 11
    I also need help with disiplines...
  • iffymackiffymack Member Posts: 376

    Do you mean you bought the game?it and both expansions are free now... ignore the free trial part,its now the whole game and has been for about a year.

    Firstly,try starting off here.  theres a wealth of knowledge and a very active forum to help you get started.

    Server: play on mourning or wrath,brailia is dead. Vindication is for the loreplay ruleset,which you can read about here .

    Race; this depends on what class you want to play.Some races have special abilities,such as half giants stun and powerblock immunity or aelfborns snare immune.

    Class: Try starting off with something simple like a half giant or minotaur warrior or barbarian.

    best thing to do is look on the forums and have a good read up on stuff.

  • GrimOwlGrimOwl Member UncommonPosts: 8

    Play on the Mourning server and look for the guild Dragonscale to join.  Very active guild that actively recruits new players.  You will be up and running in no time.

  • britzbanbritzban Member UncommonPosts: 260
    Thats a bummer that you just bought a game that is entirely free.  I hope you didn't pay much!
  • tripmodetripmode Member Posts: 84

    I want to warn you that Shadowbane is not very newbie friendly.  You will be extremly frustrated after you hit level 20 or so and are out of the safe areas.  You will get destroyed by players out there who will kill you for no reason whatsover.  Like a poster above said, find that guild and let them help you, otherwise you will find it very very difficult.

  • ShazzelShazzel Member Posts: 472

    Stay away from mourning. Goto Vindi or Wrath.

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