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VEXIL is recruiting! WE WANT YOU!

TankredTankred Member Posts: 2

Welcome and thanks for looking!

Let's get straight to the point; all bullsh1t aside... this is what we are currently offering to pilots who wish to join Vexil. I have been trolling around this forum for a while and have had an alt join a few of the other seemingly great-looking corps; only to be disappointed by either lack of active members, promises not kept, false advertising, becoming hidden in a corp. that doesn’t know I exist, etc. I can honestly say, what you are about to read is EXACTLY what you can expect when joining Ad Astra ).

  • A chance to get in with a corporation where your voice is heard.

  • We offer member-owned stocks, which equals voting rights and dividends for you

  • We offer employment to capsuleers of all ages and we truly enjoy helping new members get up and running - just ask any of our corp. members

  • Highly active leadership AND members

  • Fantastic Alliance and Corporate environment and chat

  • Both casual and hardcore members that lives, work, and play in Empire and No-sec (wherever you're comfortable)

  • A place where you are not just another number

  • Mature atmosphere of players who enjoy having a good time and helping one another

  • Non-pirate/yaarrr-free environment

  • A great-looking and active forum web site

  • Optional corporate operations - the more you put in the more you get out, nothing is required

  • We will not be on your back barking orders about doing stuff when all you feel like doing today is sitting in station drinking a cold Quafe while browsing the Contracts looking for your new toy

  • We operate and interact with the other EVE players in a very friendly and professional manner

  • The understanding that you have a life outside of EVE and that a game takes a backseat to these RL commitments

Now, let's list the less important things our corp. does/has, just like everyone else...

  • Level 3/4/COSMOS missions, exploration probing, and DED deadspace complex runs

  • PVP and military training for those who want it – Welcome to BRUCE-U! We have an entire section of the forum dedicated to training modules, encylopedias, etc. Enjoy at your leisure, again nothing is required.

  • We have a strong member-base in both US and EUR time zones

  • High-sec research and moon-mining POS deployment and maintinance

  • Group mining ops - on both the Corporate and Alliance level

  • A freebie hanger where members give, take and trade modules-ammo-drones... whatever

  • We'll build you any ship at cost and we'll also provide you with useable ships based on you performing corporate goal-related tasks

  • Ventrillo server to use anytime, which is only required during military operations and when low-sec mining. Voice chat only req. for group leaders


If after reading all this you are still interested, please send an EVEmail to Odren, reply to this thread, or message him online and he'll be happy to discuss any other questions or concerns you may have. Also, please take the time to review our web site ( for information and details about Vexil and introduce yourself.

Thanks for your time!




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