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Goes way back

Damge53074Damge53074 Member Posts: 95
Well, this game goes way back. I remember when I played the International version. It was really a neat game for its time. The game is dead right now. If you never played this game and still want to, or you are in love with DarkEden I strongly recommend that you wait for the new DarkEden 2 to come out. According to DarkEden's official website DarkEden 2 will be out for xbox 360 and of course our lovely computer. If you want to know a little more about the game, there were a total of six classes. Blade master, gunner, sword master, vampire, Healer, and an enchanter. The blade masters were designed to hit the most with two-handed weapons. Sword masters were made for their defense and speed to slice a vampire into shreds. Gunners were made to go invisible and either snipe their enemies, sub machine gun, or assault rifle their enemies. Healers had some strong spells against vampires, such as stunning them for a good amount of time. You could fight your own race human vs human or human vs vampire. There were castle wars that I actually seen first hand with about 100 vs 100 people in the war. A really fun game, sadly died from hacks. It was mainly a game of human vs vampire where the vampires could suck the human blood from them race vs race. Sadly, the game did die to hackers and besides the graphics today the game truly had potential. There were hacks that were the same thing as using speed gear to make your character move faster than anyone else that the company just couldn't fix even with nprotect. The really bad hack that ruined the game was the ability to delete other people's accounts. A lot of people were once in love with this game that has now died. I hope you come back some day DarkEden!
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