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All I want is...

...A decent MMO with RP. Maybe you can answer one more "help me find ___ game" topic to help me out

I'd perfer a game that's not so much grinding based, but I'll do with what I can. I used to try and RP on World of Warcraft, but, that gets you name-called and blank fances even on the RP servers. My next trip was to EVE online but I can't deal with two months of nothing before I get into the action. Then Anarchy Online, but, lets not even go there...

I really like Guild Wars graphically, but that game, though fun, is ten thousend times worse for roleplay, at least on my experience.

Anyways, I've been looking at Everquest II and Vanguard: SOH. I haven't been able to get EQ2 to run on my PC yet *shakes fist at blue screen of doom* so I figured I'd come here and ask if I should fix that or go try Vanguard. They seem similar, other than Vanguard is newer and, from what I hear, a lot buggier.

Anyways, thanks if you can help.


  • Yukari_MommaYukari_Momma Member Posts: 50
    If you're interested in checking out the rp of Vanguard, I really suggest going here.

    Otherwise..  I wish I could help better.  I'm waiting for Hero's Journey for the same exact thing.  If you do not mind going without graphics and going by text, the Simutronics MUDs are rather nice games.  I hear there's a 90 day free trial going for trying out their premium servers on DragonRealms right now.
  • pahyapahya Member CommonPosts: 19

    Some of the best RP I've ever had in an MMORPG was in EQII. Antonia Bayle server can be really active and really really fun, though as in all games I suggest finding a good RP guild (of which there are a wealth in EQII) as a lot of cross factional RP there happens on a guild to guild basis :)

    Aside from that, Saga of Ryzom is a BLAST and while not as big or active as EQII is does have bar none the most RP friendly community I've encountered. Not to mention one heck of a creative and unique game.

    Then of course, there's alway sitting on your butt and waiting for Hero's Journey like me....

  • johnmatthaisjohnmatthais Member CommonPosts: 2,663
    no offense but a lot of games that have good RP are older...or just not so good are some you could try

    Ultima Online - (forgot the site but it's really easy to find) maybe... ? (p2p)

    Forgotten World - this is a "resurrection" of the old 1991 Neverwinter Nights that was the first MMORPG ever, playable through AOL...great for RPing (f2p)

    Clan Lord - this is a little old, yes but, it's absolutely awesome for RPing and PvP is little, not unheard of but, little (p2p)

    The Realm Online - i've never actually played this and it's also a little on the old side but, another great one for RPing (or so i've heard) (p2p)

    hmmm...that's all i can think of right now, maybe more'll come to me later
  • chillikingchilliking Member UncommonPosts: 240
    Check out Rose online^^        

    Good roleplay and GOOD graphics^^
  • bombermannbombermann Member Posts: 18
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