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Old school WoW player coming back after a rest. LFG

SkarmySkarmy Member Posts: 38
  Yep, i've been playing WoW since december 2004, but recently I took a break but i want to come back. I have a lot of experience end game.. so I'm pretty good at following directions...... BUT I'm also pretty good at pointing out flaws in strategies and providing suggestions to rectify these flaws as I have had some leadership roles during raids and I'm pretty good with formulating strategy when the solutions aren't well published on the net.. although I feel a lot more accomplished when my group comes up with the answer on thier own...

     Server is no factor.. although I have a 70 UD lock on Auchindoun and a level 63 Tauren War on Azgalore. I would prefer to start where I left off with my warlock and join up with a guild finishing up Karazan , although since I pretty much went through all of that and ran into a bugged price that WOULD'VE died, a guild with Kara on farm would suit me fine.

       i level quicky and gear fast, I don't have a BILLION 60s and 70s .. just the 2, but I know my way around pretty well. Class isn't too much of an issue.. BUT i would really prefer to be an offensive class. Yes, i am willing to re-roll a completely new character to be a part of YOUR guild, as long as it's a PvP server.......

           Me?? I'm 20 years old and I'm currently learning the Java programming language on my own with support of some RL friends who have gone down the code monkey path themselves. I'm between jobs right now so for a while I'll be free to play pretty much whenever.. sometimes I have stuff to to in the RL but I can RL anytime .. how often does one get a chance to kill a HUGE dragon with a group of  friends controlling pixilated trolls and orcs OMFG!!!

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