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looking for a well rounded corp

BoogalateBoogalate Member Posts: 14
hey guy, I'm just looking for a corp that kind of has a little of everything haha.  I love some good pvp so I'm looking for a corp thats definitely into some pvp. I also like mining and trading but I'd definitely take pvp over that. I also want a corp thats just social and everyone just gets along and are fun to be around, doesn't really matter how big the corp is though.


  • Ghost52Ghost52 Member Posts: 3

    If your interested in joining a well rounded corp,  then message me in game, Syrniss.

    We are a growing corp that currently has a small logistics division to support our pilots with ammo, guns and ships. We are currently running level 4 Republic Fleet missions and quite frequently run mining operations. One of our members has been around since day one in eve.

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