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Lost Souls - Kael'Thas , USA server (Horde)

miatakamiataka Member Posts: 232

I am the Web Manager and one of the officers for the Lost Souls of Kael'Thas. We are a Horde Guild and accept new members to our guild, level 1 or level 70. We are a "true" guild not just a raid team.

We are fairly active in PVP, especially 30-39 bracket battlegrounds, 20-29 Bgs, and 70 Arena.

Currently we have over 280 characters in guild, tho Ill be very honest and estimate that we have arround 40-60 actual casual players, of that we have 20+ that are daily players. We all have alot of alts lol.


The main purpose for this guild was to have a more relaxed friendly sort of guild, there is no pressure to level, tho we quest together at times, there is always advice tips and good laughs in Guild Chat, this is for ppl to have fun relax and enjoy the game.

If your intrested feel free to contact Wanagi, Strongheart, Ironthunder, or myself in game or thru letter if your intrested. You can also register on our guild web site and we will contact you as soon as we see it. you can xfire me with questions if you want.

We do not activly recruit at all, but we accept ppl when they ask and your welcome to bring your alts as well.

thank you for your time, and Happy Hunting !!

Miataka (+many sub variation of that)
~WoW (Kael'Thas, USA)
~ RF On-line (Fire Server)
-Mia- takahashi
~SWG (Europe-chimaera)
Miataki Valeinca
~EQ 2 (everfrost)
MiaTaka Soyinka
~Second Life

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