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Monster play

I am just asking about monster play because i get killed alot in monster play. When i die i lose my quests,why is that and the last time i had played on monster play i had also lost some of the items as well?Would that be some sort of glitch or not?

I would Gladly like to continue playing LOTRO Shadow's of Angmar,but with problems like that there is no way i would keep playing this game while losing my quest items!


  • Die_ScreamDie_Scream Member Posts: 1,785
    You lose items as..the monster, or the PC?
  • LeesusLeesus Member Posts: 183
    As a monster the beginning quests are the only ones that you lose when you die. And they tell you that in the description, the line "Defeat is not an option" shoulda been a good hint. After you complete those though you can get all the hunting quests to build up DP and skill up your monster.
  • DulainDulain Member UncommonPosts: 616
    As mentioned already there are a few quests which you must complete without dying. You should not have lost any items when you die however. Are you sure you didn't turn in some quests? or sell the items by mistake?

    Was there a server crash?


  • ConkerturdConkerturd Member Posts: 14
    What i am saying is,that when i had played monster play i would die and also lose my quest items,for example when i was killing the giant slugs and a bunch of em ganged up on me and killed me i had also lost my quest items but that only happened once.I do understand failing the quest but losing you quest items as well i dont like at all.
  • ManJunkManJunk Member Posts: 273

    Sounds like a *very* isolated incident.  Can't say in all the time playing that I've ever come across or heard of this problem.

    Reading the quests fully before posting would have been helpful as well.  I think we would believe you a bit more if you did.  Not saying it didn't happen but you lose some credibility.
  • ConkerturdConkerturd Member Posts: 14

    I do read the quests before i get them but i did not see anything about losing the items i am getting for killing he creatcher's but i do understand the losing the quest,but losing the item as well i really dont like that at all.Which of all that made me really mad! 


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