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In need of a buddy key

I am in serious need of a buddy key (2 if possible so my friend could play also). go ahead and PM me with one or send me and email at [email protected]

I would be forever grateful =].


  • KrydelKrydel Member Posts: 15
    please reply to stickied "Thread to request buddy keys" post, where all requests are advertised and resolved at some point
  • KRILE0NKRILE0N Member UncommonPosts: 299

    Don't want to ruin anyones chances of playing, but be warned of who you give buddy keys to.

    In this game the buddy key is locked to your real CD key. If that player is found violating the terms of service. You will face punishment as well. This has happened multiple times already. So just a heads up to anyone who plans on throwing around a buddy key.

    So I suggest not ebaying them or giving them out randomly, but rather getting to know the person to see if they are trustworthy. It's not worth the risk to lose your real account over it. So i'm just saying be careful folks.

    If you're wanting to play LOTRO your best bet is just flat out buy the game. I'm not trying to be rude, but honestly 50 bucks is pocket change at almost all standard jobs. If the game is no fun then consider it a poor investment and ebay or player auction the account for a reduced price or hell give it to a friend that wants it. If you're so tight on cash that you must overlook spending 50 bucks on entertainment to last you months then you shouldn't spend the money at all. This is a matter of opinion though. Good luck.

  • junerianjunerian Member Posts: 60
    Yea I saw the sticky after I made this thread sorry

    And I won't be violating the ToS of LOTRO or anything.
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