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Anybody have very low quality screen shots?

Hi all.

I have an old system. 1ghz, 512mb ram, 64mb geforce 3 card.  I know this system is below minimum specs, but that was also the case for CoH and Wow and at low settings I can play those games. 

So does anybody have screenshots of what this game looks like at low quality settings (the quality it would take to run on my system).  Just would like to know how it looks.  Thanks!

P.s. Perhaps a low / high quality shot of the same image so I can see the difference.  Thanks again!

P.p.s Has anybody successfully played it on a system as low as mine or am I just crazy for even considering it?


  • seabass2003seabass2003 Member Posts: 4,144

    IMHO, If I was you I wouldn't waste my time with the comp you have. My 7900gt broke so I put my fx 5500 back in while the other card was being repaired and its playable but damn its ugly.

    In America I have bad teeth. If I lived in England my teeth would be perfect.

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