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Have i just brought this for it not to be valid?

i just brought the above, i hear the founders pack ends today, so will it be valid when it arrives 2 days or so? i really needed the 6 month plan for £35 thing so i can afford to play - will be a shame :(

hasty reply appreciated


  • ThaindorThaindor Member Posts: 36
    Doesn't the uk Ebay have keys for sale like the US ebay does? Then you can just have it instantly emailed to you today. But if you are in the UK and are using codemasters someone just posted on a simular topic that if you have a founders key you don't have a deadline to enter it if you are going through codemasters. It's just the ones here in the US.
  • KrydelKrydel Member Posts: 15
    im inthe uk so its good news :d thank you
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