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Player Housing

One thing we can look forward to is more of Turbine's regular content updates. They're currently planning to do a quarterly release schedule of free updates, with new content and class tweaks in each one. This is aside from the routine patching which will occur on a regular basis as necessary. Jeff stated, "As a company, we've become experts at delivering monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly content. We'll try to expand the epic story with bigger landmasses and bigger gameplay experiences." He also confirmed that there's to be no level cap increase in book 9 or 10 and that we can expect a rather large player housing update in book 11 (which will likely be an actual retail expansion pack, due to the large number of new textures and other assets required). Finally, for all you Lore-master fans that think the class needs  little love: your update should be coming either in the next update or the following one, but soon either way.

Just thought you guys might find that interesting.  Book 11... I wonder if every free update will contain a new book or if we'll skip a couple books with content, which would put Book 11 sometime early next year.


  • amousamous Member Posts: 169
    Nice. Updates and Lore master tweaks


  • warmachine42warmachine42 Member Posts: 5
    nice i cant wait for that content for the game even though there is a lot to do anyways
  • deplorabledeplorable Member Posts: 418

    according to the FAQ on site, next expansion is probably Rohan, so they're following to the book...  and they have mentioned that they're fooling around with housing (much like blizzard) so that it can be integrated when ready (from various internet articles).

    And surprisingly even hinted that this could be the first MMO with an actual "ending" (many years ahead of course)

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