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Great Game thats cost nothing....

rocksrocks Member Posts: 3
Although its not good as RYL or paying game but this game almost reach the same lvl as those great game. moreover its free...

msdfnvlk svnivnyboi.


  • adrianpfadrianpf Member Posts: 18

    there's nothing as good as a free game which has access to such a great experience. the game is allright, but I stick with it due to the developers that answer themselves to the users, and are great persons. we help them develop and they give it to us for free. great combination!

  • valoriusvalorius Member Posts: 22

    If you find a great game that costs nothing, please let us know, because REGNUM is NOT it.

    Unless massive lag, mediocre graphics, and terribly thought out 'updates' are your idea of great...

  • IndomitoIndomito Member Posts: 1

    I think its, a great game, they fix problems faster now. The new features are really cool. And cost nothing, thats ok.

  • valoriusvalorius Member Posts: 22

    Regnum does not cost nothing. You can buy EPIC weapons and armor with premium money now.  NGD has broke it's own promise that it would never let premiums affect game play.

    Meanwhile, the lag is worse than it's ever been at any time.

    And ps...i have just been banned in game for posting my opinions here in these forums. Should tell you all you need to know about the people that run that joke of a game.

  • ringdanyringdany Member Posts: 122

    i really like Regnum Online.  The latest updates have made the Realm v Realm PvP really good. The gfx are better than ever and the mods and GMs are more helpful and understanding than ever before (especially on the latest international server called : Raven)..

    I'm hoping more people find this fun and simple game where you can get into team pvp fast and it is a blast just to kill friends for fun.

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