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Who hates Runescape?

statesman111statesman111 Member Posts: 4

My title sums it up, who hates Runescape? Just reply, "Me," Or something else.

Heroes and Villains and thugs, oh my!~~~~ Captain Dorothyman


  • Berra2kBerra2k Member Posts: 15


    i spent over 3 years playing runescape from early 2002 to 2005. I loved this game, loved. The community, the fun of players effecting the economy, and most of all the pvp. When rs2 came out i just did not like the direction it took nor did i like the way they changed the combat system to "stop" pures. Of course, the old pures were ineffective, and new pures rose up, so that didnt work. I also think pking is worse off because you cant pk individually, since u can just run when attacked u wont kill anyone without a team. And also it just seems like the game has gotten so much more.. impersonal. But i admit my bias because jagex did effectively kill the game i loved. (for me anyways)

    So i started this game when there was no wild and people could be killed anywhere except towns. When almost everyone knew eachother. When the game was more based on interactions between players it seemed.

    EDIT: oh, and also rs has little to no good story in questing and is not immersive at all in that regard, the quests were never really fun to me.

  • weeman392weeman392 Member Posts: 2
    well if you go on right now the game just bast on hacking, bots and scamming -.-
  • Berra2kBerra2k Member Posts: 15
    exactly, ive noticed that too haha. like i said, more impersonal.
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