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Would you?...

DethlyBladeZDethlyBladeZ Member Posts: 106


If RuneScape Members no longer had the 5$ month fee and became fully free, would any of you start playing again.. (I would)





Just wanting to see how many people would say yes to this topic.




  • RomokoRomoko Member Posts: 95
    Lol, don't hate me! But I already play members...

    Don't get me wrong, I've played every mmo out there (wow, eq, linage, lotro, gw, you name it) But I think the repetitivness of runescape is just something you can always depend on. I Also think that if you find the right kind of people to play with, it's a hell of a lot of fun. If you're looking for that kind of people, just pm me sometime - Lord Maxwell



  • penguin_raidpenguin_raid Member Posts: 1

    i am a mem as well.....dont hate me for this tho .


    by the way im not a little kid who is in love with rs ...  im older!

    in the past year i have been addicted to this game rs and i feel like it has treated me well!

    i just wish there was more freedom to it and better fighting and better graphics

    but of course ive only recently discovered mmorpgs ... and wish to find 1 that really suits me!

                       with limited monthly fees of course

    after ALL ....(moto) -it is good to be thi king!

  • FarquaniaFarquania Member Posts: 120
    I played this game in the years 2004-2006. I managed to get up to lv 87. My account was Pepperboi222. I have forgotten many things when I last played the Whip was like 2.5 million I think? hehehe memories of noob times. I would play it when I am bored, and if my friends started again, it would be a yes. The economy is great, I must say. There are a lot of items, and that is about it. Most games have good graphix but everyone will use same items for that class. Good idea in this game, but it would be much better if they made a R3 which was a download, while still being able to communicate with regular runescapers with browser. I unserstand many people play this with low low low-end computers.


  • DarkPlanet11DarkPlanet11 Member Posts: 53
    If i was bored yes but ill would only play castle wars cuz i always wanted to try dat.

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  • DemonZabuzaDemonZabuza Member Posts: 71

    Already member but the game gets broing because there isnt any more hard quests out there.

    Pking is the only fun thing other than cw.

    I've played since classic ^.^

    My first char was lvl 57 back in classic.


  • AngryHunterAngryHunter Member Posts: 14
    I am already a member. I think many people don't like runescape because (1) they only level to around level 50 or so and say the game is boring (2) there isn't anything to do for the higher levels. If Jagex made updates for higher levels, runescape would be a better game in my opinion. Back to your question, I think people would play runescape if they didn't have to pay for members. Players would be able to raise new skills, kill new monsters, and do around 70 more quests. After the players finish all the quests, they might quit again. 
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