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darkcode10darkcode10 Member Posts: 8

Welcome. The POTD Clan site is back up!!  We need Forum moderators counsil members and Squad leaders as well as members! The clan is for both free players and members. U must be lvl 70+ to join. Remember we need counsil members and forum moderators and squad leaders and lots of members too. 

Before you register read the page then after you register and i open u up so you can poste on forums fill out application in the right section. after you fill out the application tell me what position you would like counsil, squad leader clan member or forum mod and clan member.

Here is the link to our website!:


  • darkcode10darkcode10 Member Posts: 8

    I also am logged on MSN messenger if you need help


    IF i am not logged on my site witch you can see at bottom of page it will say darkcode10 but if im not on i will be on asap and accept your requests.

  • darkcode10darkcode10 Member Posts: 8
    There was a problem were people could not read registration or clan rules. I have fixed that problem and made some forums open to the public so they can register
  • darkcode10darkcode10 Member Posts: 8
    cmon ppl go see the site and register
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