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gerry7gerry7 Member Posts: 53
ive been lookin at this game for a while and it looks pretty good. ive heard people mention about bad lags because of botters and stuff. im just wondering if there really is a lag. please only answer if youve actually experience this lag. also if there is lag, is there a server where there would be less lag. thnx all



  • zenith145zenith145 Member Posts: 4
    lag isn't that bad but it is annoying every once and a while it about every hour you get some bad lag
  • DeathPenaltyDeathPenalty Member Posts: 7
    Yes, I've downloaded it, and when I got on and went to a crowded area, it was lagging like crazy.
  • NarmegilNarmegil Member Posts: 5
    Meh, the lag is overrated... Except in the cities.  But if you're training, it's alright...  Just make sure to make this the only application running, or else it'll slow down even more.

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    Btw, the strange symbols on one Userbar are in Russian... It means "For the Purity of the Russian Language!"

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