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Oldschool v Newschool

taz24053taz24053 Member Posts: 12
Ok, which do yall prefer...old school games..or new school... for me, i'm gonna have to say old school...except for Halo..Halo is really the only new school game i like....


  • kel11kel11 Member Posts: 1,089
    Of course I play the "classics," but I honestly would rather be playing a new game then a game thats been out for 10+ years.

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  • DraenorDraenor Member UncommonPosts: 7,918
    newer games tend to be more fun for me..though I do still enjoy some of the classics...I love the complexity that new games bring.

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  • IbextoIbexto Member Posts: 277
    Originally posted by Nasica

    Tetris pwns all
    Oh Tetris is too modern for me.  PONG all the way.!!!!!!!
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