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Lookin for a mmorpg

warjunkywarjunky Member Posts: 27
me and my friends all used to play wow, we all got 70 and now bored of the game quit. we are lookin for a new mmorpg that has great pvp and awesome classes and skills. please help me out in finding a good one, my xfire is negley if you wanna talk to me via xfire.


  • ivam24ivam24 Member Posts: 39
    have you tried Guildwars?
  • PugxerPugxer Member Posts: 1
    Originally posted by warjunky

    me and my friends all used to play wow, we all got 70 and now bored of the game quit. we are lookin for a new mmorpg that has great pvp and awesome classes and skills. please help me out in finding a good one, my xfire is negley if you wanna talk to me via xfire.
    if you are used to WoW, there is no alternate game on the market if you want to play PvP with the same quality lvl.

    A big excuse to alle Guildwars Players, but imho GW is a piece of crap. Crappy Control, boring grafics.

    May be the gameplay or Pvp is ok, but as I´m not a "Arena" PvP Player (I prefer Open PvP as in WoW when entering Strangelthorn .. I called it Vietnam) I deinstalled the game after 2 days.

    I guess you´ll have to wait for Warhammer online which promises to become a good choice for WoW Players that want more PvP content.
  • SourajitSourajit Member UncommonPosts: 471
    I left Wow and was trying a bit here and there and this and that game but finally i think i have parked myself in City of Heroes and City of Villains combo pack.I dont know if you will like the switch but for me the switch from fantasy to scientific persistent world was a good refreshment.You can always try the trial of the City of heroes and City of villains combo pack for 14 days and see if you and your friends like it.


    Sourajit Nandi

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  • warjunkywarjunky Member Posts: 27

    well guildwars got really boring and i tryed a free trial of city of heroes which i though was lame because you couldnt attack unless you had energy. so when does this warhammer online come out

  • defenestratedefenestrate Member CommonPosts: 578
    I would personally wait for the next wave of games to come out. If you got sick of pvp in WoW, then most other games will be crap compared to that. Also, GW isnt all that as people would want you to believe.
  • TTSabretoothTTSabretooth Member Posts: 11
    As said your best of waiting for Warhammer especially if your a PvP/RvR fan. You could try DAoC, Its abit quiet but still good.
  • warjunkywarjunky Member Posts: 27
    but isnt there a game out with a good pvp worth trying cause i think warhammer comes out later this year!
  • DelluciusDellucius Member Posts: 59
    If you are looking for hard core role playing, then the only honest answer would be Ultima Online. If you are looking for something else, I don't know.
  • TroLL1TroLL1 Member Posts: 8
    i havent is it fun?
    Originally posted by ivam24

    have you tried Guildwars?
  • warjunkywarjunky Member Posts: 27
    guildwars was cool at first but got easy to get top level and pvp sucks. also you can only have 8 skills at a time :(
  • ChandosChandos Member Posts: 28
        I tend to agree if your burned out on fantasy MMORPGs try something else. City of Heros is a good choice, it is a refreshing change of pace of nothing else, you may find the idea of *no gear* takes a while to get used to, don't get me wrong there are ways to improve your character, every ability is fitted with enhancement slots, and as you level up you can slot various ways which allows for a lot of customization. The new invention system also adds a lot of flavor to the game, and PVP is not bad as well. Another game that is out of the die hard fantasy genre, is Ryzom, while it is often overlooked, it has a wonderful community, that is eager to help new players, as well as a vibrant player run feel, While older, AO still holds its own and is now free to play the basic version last I checked. EVE online is also hosting a free trial last I checked, and while its not really my thing, a lot of people enjoy it.

        As far as fantasy games go, LOTRO is really pretty fun, but very much like wow as far as the interface goes, not saying its the same game by any means, it has many unique features and its lore is very rich, the *pvp* might not really be what you want, as the free peoples do not fight each other, however monster play is an interesting change if a bit underutilized at the moment. I enjoyed it a good bit, Everquest II, is looking better then it has for a while, although some may have complaints about the end game, Linage II has a very large world as well. I would keep an eye on Age of Conan, and Pirates of the Burning Sea as well, although I know they have not been released yet.

    I wish you all the best in finding a new MMORPG, just remember, you can easily burn out on any game, its about finding something you enjoy playing, if you enjoy raiding, raid if not don't feel like you need to have the best gear, or be max level, just enjoy the game.
  • dark2nightdark2night Member Posts: 6
    I find that when I need to change from one game to the next, that it has nothing at all to do with the game in question, but more in the style of game that it was. You may find that going completely off the board of WOW and jumping into something like Final Fantasy XI which are completely different games, may give you the change in prospective that you may need.

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  • WarlaormWarlaorm Member Posts: 22
    Dark Age of Camelot is pretty fun and has a lot of the features that Warhammer will have. The PvP in DAoC is decent. WoW PvP becomes a grind to end all grinds imho. WoW is fun until you reach the lvl cap then it is a sad sad rinse and repeat fest. DAoC is pretty fun and if you have some regular friends you play with it might just the ticket until Warhammer comes out some time in the distant future.
  • silverwhispesilverwhispe Member Posts: 3
    My vote would be to try EQ2.  The game is always expanding, it has a GREAT community.  Leveling in the game is more than just grinding your way to the top.  As far as the graphics go, the game is more realistic looking as compared to the cartoonish graphics of wow.  This is of course all IMHO.   There are over 3000 quests, and tradeskilling has over 2000 recipes.
  • Paragraph78Paragraph78 Member Posts: 1
    Knight Online, it's the best MMO that I have ever played.
  • weedendweedend Member Posts: 3

    you can try WYD Global. they're opening their open beta this coming june. ive tried it during their closed beta and kinda liked it..you can check out the game through their website and check for updates and in-game news at www.wydglobal.com


  • PhoolishPhoolish Member Posts: 8
    Yeah im really looking forward to warhammer.

    have yall seen the trailer?

    teh pwnage

  • DelluciusDellucius Member Posts: 59
    Got a link?
  • chamberochambero Member Posts: 3
    you can try RF Online and Ragnarok Online
  • traquenatraquena Member Posts: 298
    Try With your Destiny but too bad they didn't launch their open beta yet!
  • FugnudzFugnudz Member Posts: 480
    Originally posted by warjunky

    me and my friends all used to play wow, we all got 70 and now bored of the game quit. we are lookin for a new mmorpg that has great pvp and awesome classes and skills. please help me out in finding a good one, my xfire is negley if you wanna talk to me via xfire.
    I hate to say this, but I think you and your friends are SOL (and no, I don't mean "Shadows of Luclin").
  • ClatilClatil Member Posts: 41
    EQ2 gameplay and PVP is great..I suggest hopping on board now with the new content release. If you aren't up for that, Warhammer and/or Age of Conan look to be good..
  • IIoWoIIIIoWoII Member Posts: 11

    The Chronicles of Spellborn will be a GREAT game.

    The release date is now set in Q3-Q4 2007 ( I personaly think it will be released on 12 october 2007, due to a shop I know(

    Go to www.tcos.com for more info!

  • kilro1kilro1 Member Posts: 1

    Alright you guys are talking about the go out and buy mmorpgs like wow. i have a game that is almost like wow but free its called Last Chaos you can download it from this web site too.

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