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Kal Online Review

Camman321Camman321 Member Posts: 68
I'm not a pro at making reviews, but I did play this game for a while, and there isn't much posts on

KALOnline is an OK game. Obviously Asian developed & managed. It's free to play, but like every Asian MMORPG,  you can buy stuff from the "item mall".

Graphics are awesome. That's a plus. As far as the landscape goes. Mountains, rivers, lakes, the sky, ground...all great. Very good job. Realalistic.

As far as the combat goes, it's not the best in my opinion. It's actually pretty bad. There isn't that much mobs in the game at all. Very simple can either beat them or not. Blood pours from the victim when you attack them, pretty cool...that's like the best part. My problem with it is it's very very very repetitive. One of the most grinder games I've ever played. It can take years to advance to a level of 50 or 60. I think it's like that because there are very little mobs to attack based on variety at your level. Once you're able to attack a level 10 have to stick with that same mob...whatever it is...and it's level...and drops...until you're level 15 or 16. Same with being level 25 or 30. So you're only able to fight maybe 2 or 3 variety of mobs per 10-15 levels...which can take MONTHS to get...also considering how much you play.

It's a huge world...very big...which is a plus if you like traveling ingame....but if there isn't anything in between you and that mob 5 minutes away from you in real life time, there isn't much of a point of having such a large space.

Security is pretty good. There isn't much of a problem with "hackers" in my opinion...if there is...they're quickly dealt with...and the glitch or bug is fixed...but they do arise often. I don't think it's necessarily a game you can macro with a program either, as if you're wanting to get the top amount of experience possible, you're taking the top amount of damage, which varies greatly. You don't know if the mob is going to take 5 or 30 damage from you.

OverAll- I quit it within a couple weeks simply because it is a major grinder. There isn't much to look forward to when you get to those higher levels, in turn, it isn't worth spending huge amount of time it would take to get there.  If you don't mind major grinders, and love scenery or graphics...with limited combat variety...then this game is for you!
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