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Ragnarok vs. Legen of Mir

SatsuSatsu Member Posts: 2

I want to know with games is better, and why?
I looked on the rating on this site, but I want to hear some hard fact.


  • zokamokazokamoka Member Posts: 24

    Oh another mir player, yello m8 quiting mir eh I think Ragnarok is the closest to mir you get whats you mir name.

    Are you going to play Ragnarok if yes then the US or Europe version?

    If you find any spelling mistakes you can keep them.

  • ross1893ross1893 Member Posts: 47
    Its easy.....Lineage 1!!!!image

  • CleffyCleffy Member RarePosts: 6,345

    Legend of Mir is a 2d isometric game, with a few quests and some what cluttered UI with a couple thousand players. With 3 classes to choose from.

    Ragnarok is pseudo 3d graphics, with a few quests, uncluttered UI with about 10k users on iRO. With 6 classes to choose from that can progress into another 12, and later into an additional 12.

  • KeiiKeii Member Posts: 67
    There's also a large difference in graphical style.  RO is cuter and generally better looking, and smoother.  Why are you comparing the two? o.O

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