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runescape is now the best rpg



  • steelrunner7steelrunner7 Member Posts: 8

    very close to the worst game ever... along with a bunch of nameless browser mmos... who decided this crap game was better than all the other crap games and deserved recognition in the 1st place? im so confused...

    even when I had a shitty comp and couldnt play anything more advanced than starcraft that game looked like crap and I didn't touch it with a 10 foot pole. a friend told me about it in middle school and when I saw it I wanted to smack some sense into him and tell him to play diablo2 or something.

    why is there even a conversation or an argument over a game like this anyway...

    might as well start up a "checkers is the best board game" thread ... that would be more interesting. 


    ~~~~ KOTOR ftw ~~~~

  • ElgarethElgareth Member Posts: 588

    Well the game isn't bad as such, but the Community really killed it for me.

  • myself22889myself22889 Member Posts: 2

    Runescape is definately a good game, but there are a lot better out there.

  • Seanhomie22Seanhomie22 Member Posts: 13

    Of course it's repetitive.  Woodcutting, Fishing, Combat, etc. In the end the game REQUIRES repetitiveness.  I dont pay too hard anymore..  I've reaced 91 combat, ive got full rune and a whip, the basic food amount. Ill jump on to talk to friends, cut some trees, do a quest, whatever.. 90 is the perfect combat, as its enough to get around the runescape area with ease, and its perfect for skilling. 

    Runescape is like going outside and relaxing in the shade.  To escape the real world for an hour or so. 

  • VanderguardVanderguard Member Posts: 1

    honestly, the only reason a decent amount of people play it is because it's free, no installation is required, and the unrequired subscription fee is only 5$ a month. In general, the community is mostly immature kids, graphics are HORRIBLE (seriously, you can only see 20 blocks infront of you), and it's basically a giant grindfest for money and levels. If games like WoW were free and didn't require installation, they would be ALOT more popular.

  • BobCrazytonBobCrazyton Member UncommonPosts: 2,117
    Originally posted by jimbo833

    thats y u find it not so gd..i prefer doing non cb stuff like im fishing atm and do some fighting..thats y i dont like other rpgs fighting constantly is no fun to me

    It's your opinion and all, but EL OH EL.

    It's a horrible game. Anyone who says otherwise is either an idiot or has never played another MMO.

  • Greenday6212Greenday6212 Member Posts: 15

    All right people, im tired of you guys rapping on the graphics... I dont think you understand why exactly the graphics arent top notch...

    WoW for instance is written in different software. You have to go out to your nearest best-buy, and waste all you money buying $100 software, then pay $15 a month to keep your subscription. On the other hand, Runescape's graphics are pure genius. Have you guys ever actually tried writing on Java. Runescape is the number 1 MMORPG if you're talking about writing in Java. Plus, because it's in Java, no downloads! You just create and account and bam, ur playing. 


    Nice guys finish last.

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