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cabal online

gerry7gerry7 Member Posts: 53
i heard that cabal online is going to be f2p at the end of may. it looks like an awesome game. i want to get it but i noticed it said its for europeans only. does that mean i cant play it bcoz i live in australia? also if anyone has tried this game is it any good. thanks



  • GarrikGarrik Member UncommonPosts: 962

    I really enjoyed playing Cabal through beta, i was actually one of the beta Game Advisors but when it went P2P i was to busy to carry on playing and advising so i had to stop. Im very excited about it going F2P now though, ill definatly be playing it again.

    As for Australia i dont know if they have access or not, its worth having a try though when it doesn turn F2P. I know there are still some NA players playing it either way :).



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  • gerry7gerry7 Member Posts: 53
    ok thnx guys, cant wait till next month


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