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Starting places for information on Aion.

ZagatoMKRZagatoMKR Member UncommonPosts: 263

Hi there or Y HELO THAR!

While browsing MMORPG's forums I've noticed that many players have turned their attention to Aion by NCSoft.

What I've noticed were players that have little or none information about the game. Okay, they have stumbled onto MMORPG's Aion overview and/or some screenshots. They liked what they saw and just maybe got interested enough to go to MMORPG's Aion forum or somehow stumbled across it. BAM! They saw some topics and started posting, how to say this, some less than contributing replies.

So I have decided to bring those people up to date, as many will just give up on browsing the forums for information, and "link them up" to some good places of information on this groundbreaking MMORPG title.

First of all there's NCSoft's Aion section (hit reload if it didn't load all content) and PlayNC's Aion section. Both have almost identical information as both sites are made by the same company (d'uh), but there are some differences however. For NCSoft's Press Releases check this site. In release No. 89 "NCsoft records KRW 338.7 billion in sales in 2006" you will notice

Full service for Aion is expected to launch in Korea at the end of 2007. The company is also set to introduce an upgraded version of the service platform PlayNC® with integrated accounting and payment functions along with new casual games in the second half of 2007.
which could mean that international release for year 2008.

Then there's official international Aion site with little information, but good to monitor as more info will come out in the future. Official Korean Aion site (works better in IE 6 than Firefox 2) for those that want more recent screenshots or just explore and/or experiment with online translator.

Those that "forgot" about google can find many vids of Aion here.

But imo for THE best information on Aion AionFuse forum is the one you should visit. Especially check "Aion News" section AND all interviews in "Featured Articles" section.

CONGLATURATIONS! Now you're up to date on everything that is Aion: The Tower of Eternity.

Hope this will clear up some or all of that confusion that many, many players have about Aion.



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