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How is the PVP system?

unlegendunlegend Member Posts: 1
I am curious about the PVP system in this game. Is there any arena where you can enter and kill players? Arenas with level limits (ex. level 31-40 battle arena, 41-50, no limits, etc.)

Hehe, I am just looking for a MMORPG with a good PVP.


  • randomguy55randomguy55 Member Posts: 1

    Well...my friend plays this game, and he's told me that there are 2 types of pvp areas. One is a sorta of free for all area, which is completely dominated by high levels, and one is a one-vs-one duel area, where you have to accept challenges. Unfortunately, it costs items/money every time you want to get in.

    Hope that answers your question :D

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