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Great game or greatest game?

2007-05-06 13:56:05.810


  • Camman321Camman321 Member Posts: 68
    Ok game

    Nothing like EQ2 or WoW

    It lacks major updates...and only boasts around 40-50 players at a time. I played it for a while, creating a couple of accounts. I chose to quit based on having to raise multiple skills to compete...some skills taking very very long. I didn't like the health it didn't regenerate without top notch rings or items....if you didn't have those rings...or a major healing were stuck waiting constantly to raise that you can gain your HP back. That was the major reason I quit....and no updates.
  • VioletFreakVioletFreak Member Posts: 9


    This is totally just like Furcadia.

    I hate pixel-based games.

    It makes me feel like I'm playing a "Learning is fun" budget game.



  • mike32mike32 Member Posts: 3

    I would have voted in you pole buuutt.....THERES NO OPTION THAT SAYS CRAPPIEST GAME IN THE WORLD

  • yelljayjayyelljayjay Member Posts: 4

    I will not vote for this game beacuz this game when i play it was 8-bit  quaility (8-bit=screen quailty of an NES game)and even worse i had a i hard time with the controls (coming from a preson who who can any controls with ease) but it's been a long while since i played it though


  • mike470mike470 General CorrespondentMember Posts: 2,396

    neither...this game sucks..

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  • buschmanmatbuschmanmat Member Posts: 2

    being a mod of dai i can shed a iittle light on the game and answer a few questions. first off as noted you need to read the instruction before playing.. secondly everyone bashing the graphics etc need to realize that this game is a beta. a 3d client is being dev'ed for it now but were using the 2d to get the servers in order and code everything at which point we can switch to the 3d client with little effort. this is an opensource game and all content is user generated. its non profit and was designed as a college project which has sprouted from there. the community is one of the best out there. and the game has never been hacked. it does take some getting used to but the controls are VERY simple once you get used to them. moving with a mouse is NOT reccommended rather the num pad is used (or whatever set of buttons you wish to use on your laptop. you can change the controls in the main menu)  the layout of the maps leaves something to be desired at this point but that will be fixed in the next release. the game is only as limited as the imagination of the players. anyone with the proper skill is free to join the dev team. this can be a great game if you give it the chance. features are being added all the time. its similar to a lot of mmos as you have to generalize your skills towards your class and type of fighting. there are "jobs" such as mining fletching etc much like many mmos out there. there are 11 diff skill classes at the moment. with skill lvls maxing out at 110 for a total of 990 lvls to reach. and if your thinking about doing that you better plan on investing some serious time into the game. theres ppl that have played for years and are still not there. so this game has some serious replayability. armours and weapons are specialized for each class and are levelskill based. perhaps you like firing a wall of fire at multipl enemies for med damage.... or maybe you want to put an arrow between the mobs eyes for a quick kill.... its all up to you. just remember this game is constantly being updated and what you see now is nowhere NEAR the end result. (it should also be noted that the system req for this game are extremely low. so if you dont have a decent pc but are looking for an adictive low req game this is one to look at) and you can also download the dev client (which is seperate from the main) and from there you can make your own maps mobs etc. or explore a plethera of other user made mapscontent that havent found their way onto the main server yet. this is definetly a game to keep an eye on it has potential to become very good.


    also about the complaint of the health system... perhaps you shoud have read the directions... if you tap R you rest and your health is regened in like 30 sec from near dead.  also you can buy different types of fooddrinks that have their own special regen properties (some regening your HP more others your mana etc) from any of the taverns in any of the towns.


    combat is simple you enter combat mode (tapping c to do this) then either right clicking a mob or tapping x to target the nearest one. (thats for physical attacks) for spells
    anged attacks you equip desired spell and hold ctrl and tap a direction to fire. or you can set your spells to macro and it wil fire in whatever direction your facing.

    in short.... while its not gonna win any game of the year awards it is a very addictive game that shouldnt be overlooked simply because it doesnt have state of the art graphics (and even when the 3d client comes out there will be an option to use the 2d on the same server for the ppl with low pc specs or those just looking to do a little "retro" gaming) if given a PROPER chance i think most people will be pleasantly surprised with daimonin (die-moan-in)

  • causscauss Member UncommonPosts: 666

    While I don't give a damn about this game, you vote greatest because they released it for a MAC as well? Most powerful OS? You must be joking me! Ye're living in faerieland?

  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 16,558

    It looks a heck of a lot like an old game i used to play by a great Indie developer [Naughty Dog]called Rings of Power on the Sega system.

    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

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