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how can i claim my 200 points?

Hey guys i one one of the 40 prizes! mwahah anyone know how i can claim my 200 points?


  • lakeshirelakeshire Member Posts: 7
    dont u use it in the item mall?
  • chase17tnchase17tn Member Posts: 93

    i think we get the card in the mail not sure tho : / nobody replyed to my thing i am also one of the 200pt winners


    made by nonny
    made by Braggi

    thanks both u guys

  • nos804nos804 Member Posts: 7
    One question why are you guys asking about this in this should ask about this in the acuall ToP forums
  • lostgirl619lostgirl619 Member Posts: 4

    Goto TOP main website and click LIVE SUPPORT on left side to contact them if you have not already been credited.

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