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Try this game

brunoptbrunopt Member Posts: 4

people pls try this game  it is very good

if you dont want to play just try it only i swear you gona like it


  • brunoptbrunopt Member Posts: 4

    it is very cool


  • brunoptbrunopt Member Posts: 4
    Ihave try it and i dont want any other game
  • ayase_chanayase_chan Member Posts: 3
    i currently checking this game out..and it's quite good!^^
  • daodiedaodie Member Posts: 3
    TOP is the best free game ever!!
  • twaynetwayne Member Posts: 49
    well i wouldnt say it's the best, but as far as free games go it's worth not paying but playing. It's got minimal lag. I only have a 56k modem, and the only time it lags is leaving and entering towns and maybe a few other zones.
  • SnippleSnipple Member Posts: 111
     I agree, this game is a good f2p game but the one thing i HATE is the camera view that we have to use. Its like a birds eye view... anyone know if theres a way to change it? I suppose ive never tried.
  • SnippleSnipple Member Posts: 111
    Originally posted by daodie
     Wow i have no idea how to do what they are saying.
  • CCDeathCCCCDeathCC Member Posts: 128
    ok i will try but when i install the game its have an error

    Hey Everyone

  • TinyBubblesTinyBubbles Member Posts: 4
    I really didn't like this game at all. It didn't run well on my old machine, I kept getting this glitch where I'd walk all teh way across town just to have the server realize I bump into an object and get sent ALL the way back. The introduction for new player sucked, it didn't have any direction. I was drop in a huge map with no knowlegde of the area, and all it told me was that I had to double click NPCs (there were like 50 scatered across the map)

    And on top of all this, there's very VERY little character customization. 2 classes for men, 2 classes for women and like 4 hairstyles. There are a couple of facial features you can change, but the change are so small you can't see them anyways.

    Not my kinda game at all.

    Those who fear the darkness ahve never seen what the light can do.

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