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Lord of the Rings online Forum moderations

FifthredFifthred Member Posts: 367
It has come to my attention that there seems to be some extremly biased moderation of the LotRO forum. The trolls seem to be able to continuously troll at will in this section of the website.  When ever I make opinionated statement I usaully end up getting banned  for really absolutely nothing, yet in the LotrO forum people are aloud to say far worse then anything I've typed.

The only way to be the number one gaming site for mmo's is to be true to all games, with unbiased  opinions, you , created a forum for LotRO , why did you do this if you weren't going to treat it like Vanguards forum or WoW's forum.

It is frustrating to want to be apart of this site, and actually am participating in a new game that released virtually bug free, very polished and very fun , only to be sucked into shouting matches with unmoderated trolls, flames and harassment.  Be the bigger , don't stoop to trashy biased levels , and clean up all the forums sections and make a stronger policy on troll threads .

I like pie !

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