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Question on withdrawing

Played this game a long time ago and I asked this question to several people and no one would give me a straight answer.

The question is:  If I have made a decent amount of PEDs on my account, but I've never deposited with a CC, is it possible to withdraw those PEDs to my CC?

A couple answers I remember were: "no.  you will get nothing back." and "you have to deposit first" both answers kind of seem to me that you are only allowed to withdraw just as much as you profit (so they never lose money) but maybe I'm wrong.  Can someone clarify?  If I remember right I have about 400 PED, and I guess if I should withdraw that 40$ if it's still sitting there.


  • TorschenTorschen Member Posts: 78

    I have never done it, but yes you can withdraw even if you have never deposited.

    BUT: Minimum amount to withdraw is 1000PED (according to MindArk), fee is 1.5% of the sum, and transaction takes propably like 2 months.

    Unless you have the EU cash card (which I doubt), then its just couple clicks and BLAM! you can get the money from nearest ATM.

    Anyway, if its long time since you have been playing, the account is propably locked by now.

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