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Search suggestion

NaazirNaazir Member Posts: 90

  Could we get a search feature for genre? Like Sci-Fi/military, Sci-Fi/space, D&D style, Anime... know what I mean? Some way to narrow the search a LITTLE bit. As it stands now, if you don't already know the games before coming here, you're left to go through the Overview page on each game to see what type it is.

(As a side note, I still miss the old layout. This one's not growing on me at all.)



  • skywisenightskywisenight Member UncommonPosts: 348

    We do store the genre type in our game list, but we have yet to make an advanced search page where this would be usable, I'm sure it will come but can't say when.

    As for the layout, the layout hasn't changed very much, everything is for the most part where it was before, but with different graphics and style.  I've started working on a new style that I hope will eventually replace this one when it's finished.  I'm going to put a thread out here next week or so looking for everyones opinions on the current site and what they would change if they could... make sure you post when it appears so I can use your feedback too.  We want to please as many as possible so they can enjoy the site!


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