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Vanguard: Saga of Heroes: The Riftway



  • LidaneLidane Member CommonPosts: 2,300

    Originally posted by Poldano

    Are you sure you are talking about the game I play as a Druid character? To the best of my knowledge, no class in Vanguard has a true teleporting ability, and it is against Sigil's policy to make that ability a monopoly of one class. The nearest thing is evacuation capability, which is actually shared among offensive caster classes. Evac can be used to speed travel through the countryside, but it operates only within the same "chunk". Evac can be used to get to a riftway altar quicker, but in that sense riftways complement it and actually make it more useful.

    He's talking about the Druid in EverQuest, not the one in Vanguard.

    When the Planes of Power expansion went in for EQ, a lot of Druids complained about the Plane of Knowledge, because that zone had teleport stones to most major zones in the game, and many of those same zones also had clickable books in them to take players back to the Plane of Knowledge. The PoK zone made travel a lot easier for every class in the game, since non-porting classes (i.e., anyone who wasn't a Druid or a Wizard) could get around at will, without having to rely on others, or on the boats.

    It took a source of income away from those people who'd made thousands of platinum just by teleporting people around. For some people, this was a game killer, since they considered teleports the defining trait of the Druid class. For some of us, though, it wasn't a big deal. If anything, it cut down on spam tells of people begging for ports, so not everyone considered it a negative.

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