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Cant Update?

mannequinmannequin Member Posts: 165

I have just downlaoded this game.

And I've run the update, but i gets to a point where its 1/3 and says "Downloading timed out"

What do I do to fix this?

I tried asking on the IGG forums, but I an't log in there. thats also another problem.

gah.. although having this maybe bugs before i've even made a character..makes me thing if its even worth it at all


  • TOPloverTOPlover Member Posts: 3
    if  your game client can not update normally, it is better for you to dounload and install the patch manually
  • mannequinmannequin Member Posts: 165

    done that same error.

    Maybe i put the patch in the wrong folder..where does it go?


  • brunoptbrunopt Member Posts: 4

    that's very strange usualy that dont apen


  • malen99malen99 Member Posts: 12
    if the patch still cannot work, bettter  redownload the client. Tales of Pirates is updated today.
  • pyrocrazypyrocrazy Member Posts: 65

    this did happen to me in a different game and i couldnt fix it, try at a different time and try reinstalling it, usually when it times out the connection is too slow or the servers are crowded and laggy so it makes the update go slow and time out. hope this helps a bit.



    and dont worry the game in my opinion is 100% worth it, its an amazing game.

  • legend55legend55 Member Posts: 155

    you can try and see at the forums at TALES OF PIRATES online website

    go to community and take forums you can get there usefull help


  • mushymikemushymike Member Posts: 1

    I had the same problem and to fix it (which i did) i just uninstalled the game, Reinstalled it didnt bother with ANY patches and just clicked Enter Game ( It worked ), personally i think their is a bug with that patching because i tried manually patching it and it didnt work.

    Also i just have to say this is an AWESOME game the people playing it are really nice and helpfull and its very easy to join a party

    All in all it is the best game i have played that is free and as someone said in another forum about it you DONT need to spend money on the item mall as you can buy nearly everything from there in game off another player.

    Im really enjoying this game and so far i have made a level 40 champion - Mushymike

    and a level 35 herbalist

    level 32 Hunter

    It is a really good game and anyone waiting for the next big game to come out ( IMO AOC or stargate) should definately give it a try

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