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Darkfall preview

Swafdawg23Swafdawg23 Member Posts: 390
sorry if this has been posted already..but i was flipping through comcast ondemand and went to g4 and they have a 2 minute video trailer for the game on check it out!   go to Cutting Edge > G4 > Game Invasion > PC

gamertag - Swaffle House


  • UbberGooberUbberGoober Member Posts: 247
    Is that a new trailer or the one we already seen, if it's new tell us what the heck is in it.
  • Swafdawg23Swafdawg23 Member Posts: 390
    sorry man i thought it was a new one but its this...

    gamertag - Swaffle House

  • NiaxNiax Member Posts: 84
    that's ok but at least dark fall is getting the rep it deserves..even if it hasnt come out yet lol
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