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Risk Your Life: Open Beta to begin May 1st!

   I'm not sure how old this news is (if it's really old, I apologize) but Risk Your Life will be holding an open beta starting May 1st, 2004. There is still time to register so make sure to check out the Risk Your Life website if you're interested.

Click here to go to the Risk Your Life website:

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  • darkmandarkman Member UncommonPosts: 767

    Can we please clear a confusion, this is the Malaysian beta, there is going to be a North American Beta soon enough, site: I've been trying to tell you guys this but I never got a reply back from the e-mail I sent, so what is happening, I don't want to know, neither do I want to ask. If you want to continue endorsing the Malaysian version, then fine by me. But it's only fair to let the public know that there is infact a North American version out there coming soon.

    New PR rep for the North American Version of RYL

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