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EVE Online: New Chronicle - Tides of Change

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The EVE Online site has posted a new chronicle titled "Tides of Change".  Fans of EVE and the Sci-Fi genre should find it to be a cool read.  Here is a snippet:

Shan stubbed his cigarette on the deck, despite the Kapitan's earlier admonitions about in-station regulations. The old bastard was soft after his years with those paper-pushing Fed Navy pod-wetters, soft as the blubber that hung from him. Besides, with the situation the way it was today, their high and mighty Legionnaire had better things to worry about than a smudge on the platform.
Climbing into the pod and fastening himself, Shan reflected on the current state of affairs. Ever since the Alliance had been born, the smattering of independent outfits morphing and mutating into the massive, brutal beast it was today, things just hadn't been the same in Curse. The Salvies had been the first to complain, of course - you couldn't fart in Curse space without the Salvies getting up in arms about it - but within a month it had become clear that this new coalition was nothing to be taken lightly. Squadron after squadron of Cartel fighters had fallen to Alliance battleships as their prized 'roid fields were slowly wrested from their grasp.

Want more?  Follow this link.

- MMORPG.COM Staff -

- MMORPG.COM Staff -

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